At Home Reiki Parties


How do At Home Reiki Parties work?

The host/hostess invites up to 10 of their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and loved ones to their home to enjoy a time of sharing, laughter, fun, food, music and pampering/healing. You may decide just what you want to include and how you want to schedule the day/ evening but include in this time is the opportunity for your guest to enjoy a 30-minute Reiki session.

Sessions are scheduled in advance of Cassandra coming and the host/hostess provides a quiet/private room for the practitioner to set up her massage table and other tools to see each guest for their individual session.

In between sessions, the guests may enjoy each other’s company and the food/activities which the host/hostess provides. 

These can be as simple as just visiting, games, snacks, music or whatever flavor of party one would like to create. Consideration may be given to creating an entire party around pampering which may also include doing nails and/or facials together for example. Another idea for a gender-mixed group would be to have a movie night or drumming circle during a full moon.

How much do At Home Reiki Parties Cost?

Each guest fee per 30-minute session is $35 for those within range of Gunnison, Colorado or neighboring towns.

The host/hostess pays the total amount for each guest in advance per a session 5 days before the event to lock date/time  in place.

When you schedule the party a small fee of $35 is required to lock down the date and times. Cassandra will contact you will extra information and an invoice after total amount of guest is determined.

Why Should I host a Reiki at Home Party?

 Getting together with friends, family and loved ones are precious moments. Creating a new experience for the ones you love is a way to connect with a deeper bond and to allow memories to last forever for having a fun yet unique time that is relaxing for all.

For these moments, you may assist some one on a new level that you never would have just through a simple get together with coffee. It is these moments that all you and your friends to explore their mind with a clear understanding of how to active their body’s natural energy.

     Benefits of Reiki

  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Creates deep relaxation and releases stress and tension
  • Dissolves energy blocks and promotes balance between mind, body and spirit
  • Assist the body with relieving toxins and supports the immune system
  • Clears the mind and allows you to feel connect, grounded, and centered
  • Aids better sleep
  • Accelerates the body’s natural healing ability
  • Helps relieve physical pains
  • Spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Complementary to other medicines, treatments, or procedures

At Home Reiki Party Suggestions

There are so many possibilities of how you can create a fun or simply peaceful day/evening of offering relaxation and healing for yourself and those close to you in the comfort of your home.

To get the most out of this type of gathering, a theme of renewal/relaxation/pampering/healing/full moon would be optimal but however you decide to gather, the benefits will be great!

** The above information is not intended to replace, diagnose, prescribe, or treat any ailment or be used as a replacement for medical treatment or consultation. It is only designed to enhance your knowledge or general interest. It is offered as an alternative and complementary source of information. In all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your medical physician **


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