Course Introduction

Discover the healing properties of reciting the ancient Japanese art of WAKA poetry with your instructor, Cassandra.

This course dives into the history of WAKA and how the artform helped in the formation of Reiki. Within, you'll learn traditional WAKA formation, and guidance into meditation positions for reciting your poems. Learning techniques like WAKA can assist you in creating intention-focused affirmation-driven meditations, and enable more direct control of your meditation outcomes.

Within this course, you'll learn the principals of Reiki and various traditional poses you can employ as part of your mindfulness practice. At the end, we'll challenge you to commit 5 days to focusing in on your WAKA and encourage you to form healthy mindful habits as a result.

Frequently Asked

Can't You Make an eBook? Why do I need the Class Supplemental Journal?

Writing with intention is a requirement for my teaching method. Since WAKA poetry is a written artform, you'll succeed by creating WAKAs as part of your mindfulness practice. This book serves as a tome for all of your WAKA poems that you can refer back to over time. There are many spaces for creating WAKA poetry whenever the mood strikes you, or you wish to revisit the content in this course.

This is why we do not offer an e-book version of this class material.


Why is studying WAKA important for mindfulness?

Committing yourself to take the time and think about an uplifting WAKA poem serves as a therapeutic mechanism which separated you from your past and future worries, anchoring you to the present moment.

Mindfulness is all about providing an avenue to live presently. This artform is one of many ways to be mindful, which does not require sitting in silence (even though the two go hand-in-hand).

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