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Distant Reiki Sessions for Crystal Carter

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Hi there! Cass here - I am an energy enthusiast, author, Reiki Master teacher with both spiritual and hospital experience in the Usui Ryoho & Kundalini, Practitioner of Access Consciousness, Kundalini Yogi, and certified Aromatherapist specializing in the Traditional Hindu Chakra System.My journey started in 2012 when Reiki first found me; in 2016 Universal Healings LLC was born. I Integrate all of my energy work techniques and Aromatherapy specialty to allow people to ignite with their inner flame with a release of serotonin while balancing out the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous systems. I Love to positively transform the lives of others through my methods of education, accountability, and a genuine enthusiasm for success, and I am so happy you are next!

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