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Looking to relax and promote your body's natural healing processes? Look no further than Universal Healings Reiki in Milwaukee, WI. Our experienced practitioner, Cassandra, provides guided meditations and hosts various classes in developing a mindful practice.

Not sure if Meditation is for you?

Do you struggle with self-identity, confidence, or life's everyday struggles?

If so, consider enrolling in one of many mindfulness classes provided by Cassandra at your event space, or online. Cassandra has over 10 years of experience in integrative energy work both in a clinical setting (hospital) and in her own practice.

What is Mindful Meditation?

Mindful meditation is a practice in which you focus on being in the present moment, enveloping yourself in self-awareness, and truly engaging with what you are feeling in the moment, without trying to interpret or judge the experience.

This practice involves breathing exercises, active journaling, and other various practices designed to help you relax and assist in reducing stress. Mindfulness is a lifetime effort! Let us help put you on the right healing path.

About Me:

     I am an energy enthusiast, Reiki Master Teacher, who is dedicated to research and exploration of chakra health. Just as we know, communication is vital within all existing relationships. Imagine what you can create when your relationship with yourself is in tune with your own vibrancy and needs. For this reason, I created Universal Healings LLC to share the beauty of energy work through Reiki and leading the way with self-discovery to the world.

Come See me in Person

While my services are offered all over Milwaukee and surrounding areas, my home base is in St. Francis, WI. 

Universal Healings LLC provides secular energy healing services for all types of people in Milwaukee, WI and surrounding areas.

Dedicated to promoting self-healing and mindfulness, our Reiki sessions promote your mental, physical and spiritual growth, and wellbeing.

All mindfulness classes and courses involve attending a live event, either online or in person at a specific facility location. You will receive class manuals, instruction, fellowship, and materials for class activities as a part of your enrollment. Some classes are part of larger coursework which involves attunement and certification when all classes are completed.


Inclusive and eye opening in more ways that one

I had went to two classes at Universal Healings about the Shadow Self and Empathic Empowerment. As someone who is early in their understanding of chakra and spirituality, these classes laid a simple and applicable foundation for me. For one, Cassandra lead the classes with a calm and welcoming demeanor that made all walks of life that had entered a relaxing and eye-opening experience. You don't even to need to be fully conscious of your chakras to take something away from these classes. In my case, I learned about how my behavior in terms of anxiety, worry, or stress radiates outward to either influence others or absorbs others' negativity into myself. No matter how you choose to view your life, these classes prove to be inclusive and eye opening in more ways than one.

Daniel Janeshek

I've had so many aha moments

I have taken several classes and meditations with Cassandra. She’s very knowledgeable and makes each experience fun. Cassandra’s so upbeat and listens with her heart. Her chakra classes with her books are an incredible way to change your emotional self. The interactive books she uses really get you to the Nitty Gritty of the emotions. I’ve had so many aha moments in her classes. The warmth and comfort, plus laughter Cassandra gives you in the experience is epic.

Joan Sniedze

It's easy to be comfortable in Cassandra's presence

I’ve had both reiki and also two classes (Empathic Empowerment and the Shadow Self) done with Cassandra. Both experiences have been welcoming and energizing, and it’s easy to be comfortable in Cassandra’s presence. If you’re feeling nervous about one-on-one reiki sessions, the group classes are an excellent way to introduce yourself to energy work!

Hannah Smith

I left feeling refreshed

Cassandra is a wonderful practitioner with ah-mazing energy. Her sessions are very interactive and incorporate a lot of breath work, which I am a fan of. I left feeling refreshed energetically and very peaceful and joyful. I have also taken her waka poetry class and that was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the shadow work class coming up.


Diving Into the Chakras: a 7 Part Series with Chakra Attunement 

Join Reiki Master Teacher, Cassandra, as she guides students through secular meditations, affirmations, and exercises designed to categorize all facets of the human experience within the 7 powerful chakras. Continued study and practice with these instructor-led sessions will result in cultivating positive life habits over the course of 7 months.

Waka Poetry Meditation

Explore this ancient Japanese meditation technique while inviting happiness into your life through the power of the written word. Create Waka poems and discover some of the foundations of Reiki to incorporate into your mindfulness ritual. You'll receive a Waka manual and a small canvas with an easel to decorate and display in your meditation altar.

Working with the Shadow Self Meditation

When beginning to work within the spiritual realm, there are many references to love and light. But where there is light, there is also darkness. Learn how to find and overcome your spiritual shadows by coming to terms with their existence through acknowledgment and guided journal prompts. While you may encounter dark energies, you'll walk away from this class with a tool-set and step-by-step instructions for how to deal with them.

Smudging 101

Learn how to clear a space of stagnant or negative energies like professional energy workers do! You'll learn the history of smudging, dispel perpetuated myths, and discover tips and tricks for how to empower your life with spiritual tools. By removing unwanted energies, you allow the energies you want to fill your life. You'll receive a manual and smudging tools set to place within your sacred space as a part of this class.

Mindfulness with Affirmations

Affirmations are a centuries-old practice that can be used to help boost your spirit and manifest your ambitions into reality. By committing yourself to daily practice, affirmations can be a powerful tool you can use to make even the hardest life changes possible. This class includes a relaxing affirmation-building art project that you can decorate your sacred space with.

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