60 Minute Immersive Reiki

$75.00 60 minutes

60-Minute Immersive Reiki session includes:

Up to 5-15 minutes is set aside for conversation, check-ins, and questions. Then, you can relax, and lay on the reiki table with added heat, earthing pillow, and any extra comfort needed for your total relaxation.

Indulge in this intensive session with a combination of, but not limited to, Aromatherapy, Crystal Infusion, herbal ceremonies, Breathwork, Sound healing, and Usui Ryoho/medical/or Kundalini Reiki combination, depending on what technique is needed for your energies tune. Sensations felt throughout personal treatment are the natural energies that bodies have access to from everywhere in the universe. Each of these dynamic processes invites the body to begin to heal and create itself.

Follow-up emails are included in the price to review what was reviewed in session, and any tips, tricks, and trends to continue your healing.

Sitting in a chair is substituted if lying down does not comfort you.


Immersive Reiki Sessions – 60 Min Immersive Reiki, Immersive Reiki Sessions – 90 Min Immersive Reiki, Immersive Reiki Sessions – 120 Min Immersive Reiki

Consider upgrading your Reiki experience to Reiki Revive for exclusive benefits...

What is Reiki Revive?

Reiki Revive is a combination of therapeutic Reiki and 3D Audio Image Capture Technology.

Gain Access to and Reinforce Your Breakthrough Moments!

By capturing the audio you experienced in your Reiki session, exactly the way you experienced it, your body is able to recall the energy flow and recreate it during your mindful practice.

Similar to how you can remember a specific place and time when you smell something familiar, capturing 3D audio recreates an experience.

Your body anchors an energetic memory when focused Reiki channels through it. So, when you play your sessions back later on, you'll naturally reinforce the intention you set for the session via your body's energetic memory.

Use these sessions to reinforce the intention you set for your Reiki sessions and experience them again and again anytime you need a boost of that intention.

This form of audio playback is not meant to replace your Reiki Treatment Sessions, but enhance and reinforce their effectiveness.

Busy people may find it difficult to schedule regular Reiki Sessions every month. That's completely ok!

Fortunately, we've created a way for you to incorporate your previous Reiki Sessions into your ongoing mindful study, for as long as you like!

How does it work?

Reiki Revive is a combination of therapeutic Reiki and 3D Audio Imaging Technology. You won't have to do anything other than enjoy your experience like you normally would.

Three Dimensional Audio Staging

The 3D microphone has silicone "ears" designed to mimic the shape of human ears, resulting in a unique recording that most closely resembles how a human hears.

When listening to a 3D recording, you will be able to physically place certain sounds from the session in an artificial space around you. The sound's distance and location are easier to imagine as you recreate the stage of your Reiki experience.

3D imaging

Want to take your Experience even further?

Reiki Revive Sessions Include Reiki Squared, a Private & Secure Dashboard...

Reiki Squared is a new initiative at Universal Healings, where we aim to help others find and cultivate mindfulness practices. In addition to your Reiki Revive Sessions, Reiki Squared members receive access to exclusive upcoming content and promotions.

Reiki Revive
Audio Playback

Private Online

Practitioner Notes

Exclusive Guided Meditations (coming soon)

Your Reiki Revive Sessions are personalized just for you.
Only you and your practitioner will have access to your sessions.

By plugging headphones into your phone, tablet, or computer, you'll have access to all of your sessions whenever you want them.

Reiki Revive is a great way for me to reach a deep meditative state. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but 5 minutes in and I was back to feeling relaxed, just like how I felt in my original session. It's incredible!

...a great way for me to reach a deep meditative state

Maddie Walsch - School Teacher