Distant Reiki Session

$65.00 60 minutes

Distant Reiki Session includes:

This session is a 60-Minute Distant Reiki session which includes:

An initial consult is scheduled through zoom or phone call lasting 5-15 minutes. After a mutual understanding of what is happening in your world and what you would like to work/focus on you and Cassandra will then ease into the Reiki session after ending the consult. Cassandra is trained in Usui Royoho, Medical, and Kundalini Reiki and uses a combination of all techniques while performing her sessions. Actual transmission of energy flow may be 45-50 minutes depending on initial conversation. Please, come prepared with questions or intentions.

Cassandra may provide you feedback on any additional instructions for what to do before the initial Reiki session begins. Once the Reiki session has been completed, you will receive a follow-up message within 72 hours of your completed session or choice of video/phone call providing not only feedback from the session yet guidance of particular chakras to continue your healing for self-care.

* Cassandra specializes in the Traditional Hindu Chakra System that suggests that the chakras are considered the subtle energy bodies located within the spinal cord housed in the Brahma Nadi *


Distant Reiki Session – Distant Reiki, Distant Reiki Session – Distant Couple / Friend Reiki