The Chakra Basics- Healing your Heart Chakra


A Brief Overview of the Chakras

The Chakras are inside of you! You can think of them as the seven leading energy portals in the body that are constantly spinning. When learning the chakra basics, it is essential to understand that each chakra has a specialty about them, and once learned, you can identify each one by simple observations and sensations. All the chakras must be energized and functioning efficiently for all-round wellbeing on all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual.

Chakra categories includes:Chakra Categories by Universal Healings

Different frequencies, different colors, relationships with various emotional and spiritual issues, connections to different endocrine glands and nerve plexus, different ages in which they develop, different governing elements, different gems, oils, and activities to help balance them.

All the chakras must be energized and functioning efficiently for all-round wellbeing on all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual.

Why is Knowing the Chakras Important For My Health

It is essential to understand the chakra system because it has a direct connection to your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Understanding the functions can help you respond to life with awareness rather than being unconsciously reactive.

The chakras act as a step-down transformer converting subtle energy – prana, chi, Reiki, or any universal energy to be used by the hormonal, nervous, and cellular systems of our physical body.

The food and air you breathe are the fuel for your molecular building blocks in the body to thrive.

Each chakra plays a vital role in understanding your relationships, strengths, and weaknesses. Meanwhile, each chakra also involves our sense of who and what you are in the world.

What is the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is our fourth energy center located at the heart center of the chest. Having a grasp or understanding of the general meaning of healing and applying it to your sensations is essential while learning this chakra. Meanwhile, when it comes to the heart chakra, love and compassion are essential, and there are various ways one can achieve these sensations in the body, mind, and spirit through chanting, eating foods, and being an expression of love.


To heal is to make something or someone whole. It is the process of becoming sound or healthy again. Healing is the restoration of the balance to an organism or situation and is the ultimate healing force.

Healing Tip!

To heal properly, it is necessary to come into balance with your energy, which may not coincide with your concept of “correct.” Remaining grounded in your strength and allowing yourself to create your sense of balance is the best option.


What Causes Heart Chakra Imbalances

Heart chakra imbalances come from different types of environmental factors. Depending on what you are exposed to or engaged in your day to day activity, everyone’s emotional state in the heart chakra can vary. However, there are general feels that can be observed as an imbalance or possibly overactive.

Heart Chakra Imbalances include:

Repression of love, emotional instability, out of balance, overly defensive, feeling closed down, jealousy, fear of intimacy, codependency, relying on other people’s approval or attention, trying to please at all cost, excessive isolation, antisocial, holding grudges but not being able to forgive

Natural Remedies for the Heart Chakra


The word chant in Sanskrit refers to a sound, syllable, word, or phrase that is believed to be sacred. Chanting is done by repeating a mantra over and over again. By repeating a mantra, it becomes programmed in your subconscious mind in such a way that you remember to do the right thing even in the worst moments.

The idea behind chanting is a mantra to eliminate the noise in your mind and allow it to transcend to a subtler region of the quiet and calm mind. You can silently repeat a mantra over and over again in your mind or say them out loud. However, for this activity, it is best to say them out loud.

As you continue to chant a mantra, the frequency of your thoughts start to reduce. Once the rate of your thoughts reduce, chanting shows increased benefits like heightened awareness, relaxes body muscles, and makes you more proactive.

Heart Chakra Seed Syllable

The seed syllable for the heart chakra is YAM. Yam chanted carries out the meaning of the air element, heart chakra, and is connected to the control you have over the air and your breath.

Heart Chakra Chant ActivityHeart_Chakra_UH

1. Choose to sit on the floor either in a chair or on a stool. If you are seated on the floor, it is usually most comfortable to sit cross-legged (relaxed pose) on a cushion.

2. Begin your meditation by closing your eyes, and breathing deeply, slowly inhaling, then exhaling and focusing solely on your breath.

3. Be aware of your surroundings, your physical body, and the sounds around you. Don’t react or attempt to change anything. Just be aware.

4. Concentrate on the heart chakra in the center of your chest. Chant the sound, YAM. As you chant the mantra, your mind will begin to calm and become present. Chant this for as long as you feel comfortable, but try to chant 10 times, taking your time between each breath.

5.     When you are ready to end the meditation session, open your eyes, and stand up slowly. Stretch and extend your increased awareness of your next activities.

TIP – As thoughts come to you, simply acknowledge your feelings, set them aside, and return your attention to your mantra.

Need Inspiration?

Change up your playlist! Bluetooth, hook up your phone to your car with youtube, or play it at home in a safe room and listen to one or all of these chants. Sign along, move along (unless you are driving), and feel the peace come over your heart and lift your mood!

Be An Expression Of Love

Love is the precious essence that governs our lives each day. Though love is something that most cannot grasp, it is similar to power, where everyone wants it and needs it. Most often not feeling like we have enough, love is what unites things together and keeps them in a relationship.

A necessary step for loving yourself starts with approval.

You must be able to feel, communicate, have a sense of your power, and be able to see and view the world with a mutual understanding.

This is not a matter of getting connected yet seeing and understanding that we are already connected. Just like you, everyone else around you face challenges and has hopes and fears. Love is the connection at our core that makes skin color, age, sex, looks, and money irrelevant. Love inspires you! And moves you beyond your limits.

Upset_universal_healingsProbable Causes That Reduce The Flow Of Love

Undue attachment, jealousy, homophobia, agism- saying someone is too old, and racism.

Commit to yourself to be an expression of love and help heal not only yourself but others because love is in all our relationships. Love is what binds a family together, so we can conduct the business of life and raise children. Love is what encourages us to read or buy books to continue expanding our minds. It is love that keeps us in a relationship – and we have a relationship with everything. When we develop compassion, connection, and understanding, we open the heart chakra and naturally rise to the urge to heal. The natural call to help an older adult with a door, comfort someone in tears, or rub a pair of tired shoulders is the heart chakras healing energy.

After you do an act of kindness out of pure love, journal about your experience, How did this feel? How many acts of kindness did you find yourself doing today? Did you find yourself smiling or feeling content? How can you make this more part of your everyday routine?

Ways To Express Love

Allow genuine time with friends and family

Words of encouragement or showing you believe in some one’s abilities

Giving and receiving

Helpful behaviors

Physical affectionBe an expression of love

Words of appreciation or caring

Move towards a resolution

Move Towards A Resolution Suggested Dialogue

    1. Acknowledge and recognize what your partner or friend does to express care. Let him/her know that you see this action happening and appreciate it.
    2. Find a light-hearted center to express what you are doing in the present moments to show care (they may not realize you are doing a specific action with intent) and explain that this is the way you know how to express love.
    3. Investigate what your partner or friend in need of as a sign of love from you by asking with an open heart and mind. You can suggest the above topics to get the conversation jump-started.
    4. Tell your partner or friend what you need and suggest how it can be a fun bond to help assist each other with what they are in need of boosting the heart chakra.
    5. Remember to thank the person involved for making the effort to change the behavior in a unique way to benefit the relationship. Positive reinforcement from both sides will be a much better success rate.

Get creative! What else can you do to be an expression of love today?

Heart Chakra Enhancing Foods

Vibration is everything down to the foods we eat, and this list shows a variety of choices to help awaken your heart chakra.

Choose at least 1-3 items from this list you can incorporate in your diet every day for the rest of the week to invest in the health of your heart chakra.

Challenge yourself to meal prep one meal for the week!

Vegetables are a product of photosynthesis, something that our bodies are incapable of producing. Vegetables trap the vital energy of the sunlight, as well as a balance from the earth, air, fire (sun), and water. Which means vegetables are the very product of cosmic and earth processes in natural balance, reflecting the balanced nature of the heart chakra.

Heart Chakra Boosting Food Examples


Limes, green apples, avocados, kiwi, honeydew


Kale, lettuces, spinach, chard, bok choy, collard greens, broccoli, green beans, mung beans


Green tea, Matcha


Basil, thyme, and cilantro

Need Inspiration? Try this Recipe!

How Can Meditation Help Me

When meditation occurs, it leaves more room for you to operate and record new information. Also, meditation allows other chakras to open your awareness even wider without getting overwhelmed.

By meditating it allows you to think more clearly, enhance your mood, and have better physical coordination. Through meditation, you can tune out the outside world and cultivate awareness of your inner world.

People who use meditation are known to experience improved academic performance. It also has been found to increase in job production, have a decrease in drug use (both in recreational and prescription), and have faster reaction times.

It is hard to deny that mediation has great rewards.

Mediation is a state of mind, not an effort. Once this state is achieved a few times, it begins to self-create rhythms and have its effect on the world around you. Once it becomes a part of you, it then affects you in healthy ways through sleep and other activities.

Final Thoughts

Everything in and around you is energy! And when something from the outer world affects you on a subtle level, you may experience a plethora of sensations. These feelings may vary from sensations of being sick, uncomfortable, or you may start to have specific pains in areas that you usually would not. Though, sometimes you could also experience pains and aches every day that they never think much about. For example, you may experience pain in your left shoulder but rarely think of this pain because it is always present. Understanding the basic elements of the chakras can enhance your mood, free your mind, and allow you to become closer to the first-rate version of yourself through subtle body energy.



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