The Chakra Basics- Healing your Third-Eye Chakra


A Brief Overview of the Chakras

The Chakras are inside of you! You can think of them as the seven leading energy portals in the body that are constantly spinning. When learning the chakra basics, it is important to understand that each chakra has a specialty about them, and once learned, you can identify each one by simple observations and sensations. All the chakras must be energized and functioning efficiently for all-round wellbeing on all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual.

Chakra categories includes:Chakra Categories by Universal Healings

Different frequencies, different colors, relationships with various emotional and spiritual issues, connections to different endocrine glands and nerve plexus, different ages in which they develop, different governing elements, different gems, oils, and activities to help balance them.

All the chakras must be energized and functioning efficiently for all-round wellbeing on all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual.

Why is Knowing the Chakras Important For My Health

It is essential to understand the chakra system because it has a direct connection to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Understanding the functions can help you respond to life with awareness rather than being unconsciously reactive.

The chakras act as a step-down transformer converting subtle energy – prana, chi, Reiki, or any universal energy to be used by the hormonal, nervous, and cellular systems of our physical body.

The food and air you breathe are the fuel for your molecular building blocks in the body to thrive.

Each chakra plays a vital role in understanding your relationships, strengths, and weaknesses. Meanwhile, each chakra also involves our sense of who and what you are in the world.

What is the Third-Eye Chakra

The third-eye chakra is located in the head, in the middle of your forehead. Since the third eye is located within the head, that means this chakra is more mental in nature and is not associated associated with the element of light.

Within the third eye, your visions become perceptions that must be translated into other forms like language, actions, or emotions before they can be shared. When the third eye begins to open, you may experience a range of sensations. But keep in mind, these vary from person to person.

Signs of the Third-Eye Opening:

  • A feeling of pressure between the eyebrows
  • Increased foresight
  • Increased light sensitivity
  • Increased smell, taste and hearing
  • The sense of gradual and continual change
  • Seeing colors of blue or purple (indigo)
  • A feeling of vibration and rhythm from your surroundings


What Causes Third-Eye Chakra Imbalances

Throat chakra imbalances come from different types of environmental factors. Depending on what you are exposed to or engaged in your day to day activity everyone’s emotional state in the third eye chakra can vary. However, there are general feels that can be observed as an imbalance or possibly overactive.

Third-Eye Imbalances include:

Lack of trust in intuition, inability to let go of logic, nightmares, blurred vision, being judgmental, disillusioned, mental fog, eyestrain, fearful about the possible intangible insights passing into your mind’s eye.

Natural Remedies for the Third-Eye Chakra

Color Therapy

Color is the form of which you perceive light. Color is vibrant, in-depth, and vivid in experience and is the very fabric of your seeing.

There is a large percentage of information that comes to you in a visual form. That visual form has healing effects on the mind, body, and spirit on a subtle level.

You can use the colors that are associated with the chakras for a meditation tool or mnemonic device to gain access to your charka and learn more.

Wear Third-Eye Colors Activity

Wear deep blue, deep purple, or an indigo shade today to boost your third eye with visualization.

This can be whether you are wearing a shirt, scarf, hat, an accessory item with your outfit, painting your nails, colored pants/shorts. Whichever you choose and get creative with, ensure you can see the color you are wearing throughout your day and that it is not hidden.

After wearing your choice of color today, explain in detail how you felt throughout your day. Did you tell people what you were doing to help promote their healing or just keep it to yourself?

Third-Eye Boosting Activities

Bath in Sunlight

Bathe in sunlight solely or, if available, bathe in sunlight passing through stained glass.

Drink water in a blue-colored glass

Find a blue-colored glass jar or container and fill it with purified water. Charge this glass in the sunshine for a few hours and drink up! Feel the energies cleanse your body and release memories of the third eye. This has been said to have a remarkable effect on the body!

Discover your Aura

  1. Work in a dimly lit room and sit in front of a clear area of a wall. And relax. Do some deep breathing exercises.
  2. Place your arms out, with elbows at a slight bend in front of you with one hand facing down and the other palm facing up.
  3. Quickly squeeze your hands together by opening and closing them. After 10-20 times, reverse sides, switching which palm is facing up and the other facing down. Continue to open and close your hands until you feel ready.
  4. Drop your hands down by your sides, then slowly raise them with palms facing inwards facing one another.
  5. Very slowly, bring the palms together until you sense or feel a point of resistance. Feel your hands attracting each other like they are magnets, but don’t let your palms touch.
  6. Lightly half focus your gaze at the area around your hands. You may see a halo of light around your hands. Sometimes, the light appears as a solid color. Please, note that the energy felt between your hands may be tingly or pulsing. What you are experiencing is your aura and activation of the life force energy that surrounds you.

Aura Tip

When seeing colors around you in the aura, they are directly related to the Chakras. They are in constant change through thoughts, impulses, and emotions. So, try not to be obsessed with every detail. However, it is equally important to note how the colors make you feel in reaction to the energy it projects from the object you are practicing on. By realizing your natural responses to the colors you see is a good indicator of heightening your intuition.

Third-Eye Affirmations

Stating affirmations allow you to lay down new pathways through the mind and even create new neurotransmitters of positive reinforcement. Making the commitment to affirmations declare what you want and that the will to accept that it is OKAY to have you deepest desires and needs met.

Keep in mind while choosing affirmations, it is important to say them out loud and make sure that it comes easily and natural for you to say. Use this list a guide and feel free to deviate from what is there to make them unique and natural for you.

After the affirmations have been chosen, the goal is to state to yourself daily – multiple times a day.

Examples of Third-Eye Affirmations:

    • I hear with love
    • I see with love and joy
    • I recognize my own intuitive ability
    • I love and approve of myself and my own true worth. I am wonderful!
    • I love and comfort myself in ways that are pleasing to me
    • I love and appreciate myself
    • I accept my past and all the lessons I have learned
    • I am open to inspiration and bliss
    • I am the source of my truth
    • I can see and think clearly
    • I see all that is well in my world
    • I see solutions to my situations and make positive changes now
    • I am in touch with my inner guidance
    • I listen to my most profound wisdom
    • I seek to understand and to learn from life experiences
    • More and more now, I am wise, intuitive, and connect with my inner guide
    • I nurture my spirit
    • I listen to the wisdom of others
    • I trust my intuition

Searching for extra guidance on affirmations? Check out this post!

How Can Meditation Help Me

When meditation occurs, it leaves more room for you to operate and record new information. Also, meditation allows other chakras to open your awareness even wider without getting overwhelmed.

By meditating it allows you to think more clearly, enhance your mood, and have better physical coordination. Through meditation, you can tune out the outside world and cultivate awareness of your inner world.

People who use meditation are known to experience improved academic performance. It also has been found to increase in job production, have a decrease in drug use (both in recreational and prescription), and have faster reaction times.

It is hard to deny that mediation has great rewards.

Mediation is a state of mind, not an effort. Once this state is achieved a few times, it begins to self-create rhythms and have its effect on the world around you. Once it becomes a part of you, it then affects you in healthy ways through sleep and other activities.

Final Thoughts

Everything in and around you is energy! And when something from the outer world affects you on a subtle level, you may experience a plethora of sensations. These feelings may vary from sensations of being sick, uncomfortable, or you may start to have specific pains in areas that you usually would not. Though, sometimes you could also experience pains and aches every day that they never think much about. For example, you may experience pain in your left shoulder but rarely think of this pain because it is always present. Understanding the basic elements of the chakras can enhance your mood, free your mind, and allow you to become closer to the first-rate version of yourself through subtle body energy.




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