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The Science of Sound- A Story of How Reiki, Kirtan, and Hyperbaric Saved Me


What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is supported by the biofield around the body, connecting all the nerves and cells. This healing modality alleviates pain, helps bring clarity to mind, and allows stress to melt away by either light touches or hovering over the body with the hands.

What is Sound

It is believed that sound is the origin of everything. Sound was once considered primordial that the solfeggio scale was kept secret for hundreds of years. The solfeggio scale is a six-note scale and also nicknamed “the creational scale.”  The six frequencies are their related effects are the following:

Do 396 Hz – Liberating guilt and fear

Re 417 Hz – Undoing situations and facilitating change

Mi 528 Hz- Transformation and miracles (DNA repair)

Fa 639 Hz – Connecting/relationships

Sol 741 Hz – awakening intuition

La 852 Hz- Returning to spiritual order


Low frequencies drain energy meanwhile high-frequency sounds attract energy.

Some scientists suggest that sound effects not only the body but also the DNA to create signals that spread throughout the body. Harvard trained Dr. Leonard Horowitz has demonstrated that DNA emits and receives phonons and photons, the electromagnetic waves of sound and light.

Science discovery of Sanskrit

Hans Jenny discovered vowels of ancient Hebrew and Sanskrit being pronounced produced the shape of written symbols for the vowels. He concluded that the generative power of reality is made up of three fields: Vibration, which sustains physically with two poles, patterns, and motion. And together, these fields create the entire physical world. His discoveries found within his book Cymatics reveals the truth through the study of sound waves in a medium and presents proof that vibration underlies all reality. By using standing waves, piezoelectric amplifiers, and other materials, Jenny measured vibrations and amplification to produce demonstrations of the forms created from sound interacting with physical matter.

What is a Mantra

A mantra is a sacred repetition of a word or sound which penetrates the depths of the subconscious mind. The repetition of the phraes helps heal the mind and body, filling space in and around you with positive vibrations. Chanting a mantra is known to be a powerful tool for spiritual awakenings while activating the chakras to help you connect with your higher consciousness.

Chanting and How It Heals the Body

Over the years, discoveries in the field of neuroscience, benefits of chanting, mantra, and meditation have made an impact on the world today. Proven research and empirical studies, researchers discovered neuroplasticity- the brain’s ability to change, grow, and prune back neural imprints. Neuroplasticity is optimized when safety and novelty are experienced through present moment awareness. When present moment awareness is happening, a shift begins in the neurobiology.

To imprint a sense of safety and increase clarity, chanting the rhythmic repetition of words, primes the pathways for neuroplasticity by relaxing and engaging the nervous system, which can lead to sustainable healing.

Benefits of chanting

Whether you are verbally chanting or listening, chanting has tremendous healing benefits. These sacred vibrations can aid:

      • Regulate the rhythm of breath, recalibrating the entire system of the body while slowing the thought waves of the brain.
      • Balance the relaxation and activation response of the nervous system by stimulating the vagus nerve, which innervates the heart, throat, and lungs
      • Reduces the limbic activity and stress response of the brain while increasing the brain responsible for traits such as empathy and patience, through the rhythmic repetition of words and phrases along with the vibration of sound.
      • Lower blood pressure
      • Regulate blood sugar
      • Balance heart rate
      • Release negative energies and toxins from the body
      • Sense of inner calm/peace

 My Journey to Healing

Reiki, Kirtan, and a Hyperbaric chamber? This section describes my story in detail and a raw snippet from Cassandra’s personal journal typed out.


October 14th, 2019.

I never thought I would remember this date or have said it so many times. To make a long story short, I was in a moped accident.

As I was approaching a red light, in a two-lane road making a left turn, my accelerator on my 1987 “hipster Yamaha” got stuck and not knowing how to properly stop, I put down my feet, jerked left, went up a curb, and hit a pole. Luckily I was wearing a helmet because boy, did I ever hit that pole.

The universe had my back and there was angelic help along the way.

Yep, here I am only weeks before my accident.

I still remember the phone call to my mom in the ambulance. In pain. We lost signal after the first thing I said was, “Mom I love you”.

Fast forward to the diagnosis. I have fractures to my left foot, and skin that got compromised exposing the bone and tendons. Though, the skin that was compromised was sewed back together. I was put in a splint for seven days. During these healing times, my mom and dad were taking care of me.

(So, mom and dad if you are reading this I have no idea where I would be without you.)

On the seventh day, the doctor took off my splint and was worried about the skin that he sewed back together. Let’s just say the skin wasn’t looking the greatest. He suggested to me to see a specialist in Wound Care and possibly do Hyperbaric treatments.

The referral from Wound Care, you know, was a cool doctor named Dr. Godfrey. He was honest and upfront. After one look he was skeptical of doing the hyperbaric treatments, but as he talked, I could feel my body turn warm, I felt nauseous and heard a voice and ringing in my ears to do the treatments.

My intuition was speaking loud and clear. So,  I said, “lets do them – – let’s do these treatments”

Despite the skepticism from the doctor, I was persistent in following my intuition because I knew there was something else other than surgery for my healing.

Fast Foward to my first treatment

Before the first treatment started, I asked to play music. Anything soothing. My plan was to have healing tones play in the speaker while flowing my Reiki.

Every treatment I have gone in there was music playing. Always.

I happened to just get a CD as a gift while attending the MidWest Kirtan festival a few weeks before. I asked my parents to bring it after they stopped at my place to check on the mail and attend other things. This album was Ragani’s newest album Light of Savitri

I’m sure all those nurses just loved hearing this CD. (Partially being sarcastic- Haha!)

Actually, all the nurses I met were nice and caring. I bounced between 3-4 different clinics during my treatments. Though, I will admit that I had a favorite, Becky, from the Grafton Wound Care and Hyperbaric Aurora Hospital, so Becky if you’re reading this – You’re amazing!

Each day in Hyperbaric,

Here is me prepped ready to go into treatment before I put my phone away.

I would flow my Reiki. But also learning new aspects of Reiki and how to handle trauma to the body.

At first, I would focus on just the wound, and beam my reiki to my foot.

Then, on my second treatment of hyperbaric, I decided to treat myself as I would any other client because there is no difference.

So, I decided to do a full body treatment and send distant Reiki to my past of the day of the accident.

I went back in time and not only saw the accident happen from a new perspective, yet discovered I have had the same lesson as from another trauma of my past.

Healing begins with forgiving yourself.

The exact post I put to Instagram before the day of my accident. No coincidence…?


Okay, but how do you forgive yourself?

    • First, you want to forgive yourself for whatever action you have committed, done are where you have caused harm.
    • Second, recognize its normal to feel threatened if someone hurt you- even if someone didn’t mean to upset you. So, it is important to accept that we as humans have complicated emotions, thoughts, and feelings with reactions that are sometimes hard to control, yet should hold ourselves accountable.

Treat yourself as if you were talking with a best friend and practice empathy towards yourself.

Ask yourself, “Was I the best version of myself during these moments with the resources available?”

And work on accepting yourself; use supportive statements.

    • Finally, visualize- You can visualize yourself going back to the moments of where you have previous trauma and say the Hawian Prayer: Ho’oponopono

There are many versions of the is out there, but when I first learned it it went like this:

I love you, I love myself. I forgive you, I forgive myself. We are one.

This prayer was said to my foot many times.

One day

During treatment, I was in the single-chamber hyperbaric and felt the need to sit up and get up close and personal with my wound. This was hard for me to, considering all the times I would be at home it was wrapped up being kept safe. Much less, feel nauseated from the look and pain (Nope, I didn’t even take pain meds.. By choice, of course)

Anyway, I hovered one hand over the wound and the other underneath the foot. I can’t remember the last time energy was directly beamed down there, but boy. I’ll tell you, the experience of what I am about to describe is no other.

In Reiki, when you practice and start to learn the feels and types of different energies, you may experience energy so powerful

The doc literally told me I was the most positive patient he treated. I told him, “well.. You never treated a Reiki Master before, huh?”

that.. it literally shakes you, or shakes your hand of giving.

The hand hovering over the top of my left foot shook and it was heart drenching and tears started to come uncontrollably down my cheeks.

I was being watched from nurse Brittany (This time I was in Manitowoc) at the time, and feeling vulnerable. She may have no idea what I am all doing in there, but healing IS happening!

Once you experience that shake I am talking about, it is an indication or a “Call to attention” Because you have now just experienced the subtle vibration of trauma.

Either practicing on yourself or with the client, when you experience this sensation it is important to throw sacred symbols over the space, call in archangels and start forgiving yourself on the cellular level because now


Just as I was. Just when I started having doubts after seeing the ups and downs progress of my wound, I felt life. This life felt like energy flow and bloodstreams of heavens.

I was guided to go within my body to see the underlayer of my skin.

This is what I saw:

Golden rays of corn stalks in the shape of my wound . . . With windblown treetops, rustling, calming sound of mother earth with an empty spot for me to sit in the middle. As I sat down, I looked up and I could see the outline of all my stitches. Showing me the sunbeams through the centers as if they were clouds.

I asked for guidance from my future and spirit showed me an upside-down triangle.

Later, to find out from a doctor that when there is wound with an upside-down triangle they are more likely to heal versus an upright one.

(Now, my wound, my wound was a sideways triangle -Go figure!)

 As a new day begins

My wound takes a new role in showing me acceptance. My steristrips were taken off and I nearly fainted in the office with the doctor unable to look at my own foot.

He told me I had to look at it because then I knew what an infection would look like in case it started to look any different.

This presented me a whole new ball game, of challenging my mind, perseverance, and loyalty to life itself.

This proved to me that the original methods and principals of Reiki are so important; no matter what treat yourself as if you were your own client.

You as the vessel is the heartbeat to Reiki. The heartbeat to allowing energy to flow the way its suppose to when done properly right.

This is an image of one of the many Luna studies.

I first had to start with acceptance. Forgiving. Honoring.

Then, the next day the whole theme was about LOVE.

Because if you were to dive right into beaming your wound Reiki energy, your body can and will reject. NOW, it doesn’t mean, it is rejecting the energy, but it is rejecting your intention because it is not pure. You always and must follow suit with proper Reiki when healing yourself starting with your head and working your way down.

This doesn’t say that every time is like this, no, and that is the beauty in Reiki, however, if you want a proper healing for yourself and your clients, following where the Byosen scan tells you to start first, follow that intuition and don’t ignore it.

Back to this theme of love. After I came out of the chamber one day, the doctor working this day told me, “We do this because we love you” Never have I ever heard a doctor say that to me or heard of a doctor say that to anyone in that matter. . . No coincidence.

After my 4th Luna study, I got good news! There was a moment where I realized that what I was looking at was actually my mediation about the golden sunrays beaming around a cloud-like shape as the stitches around my foot  — as I noticed this, I said out loud, “It’s lighting up around the suitchers!” and the doctor was amazed by my progress.

Each day is getting progressively better and I can truly feel that I am healing from the inside out.

THIS IS THE LESSON! We heal from the inside out, no matter what the trauma is.

And it’s important to remember, that even on the good days, you must continue your healthy and genuine habits that make you – well, you. Because let’s face it, the comfort zone is always a beautiful place, but once you allow your mind to grow and expand in new ventures by your own habits that make you happy, you will follow suit of where exactly you are supposed to be.

One day during Hyperbaric, I heard a message though, And it came in strong – so strong that I looked over to the nurse Brittany and asked her to write this down. It went like this :

I’d like to invite my soul to take a stand.

All I ask if forgiveness.

The Key to life is a round of applause.

For I am no father, mother, I am the whole spirit.

Through the kingdom I have come.

The round of applause is the rhythm, the flow of which we seek.

When reflecting on this message, I realize that it is rare for me to share my own personal messages through Reiki channeling, but because I had someone else involved, writing down this message. I really took a step out of my comfort zone to share this because it wasn’t just for me. I firmly believe this.

I think of this message as a vibration. When it talks about the key to life being a round of applause, well – think about this.

When there is applause going on there is a different sensation and vibrancy when people are clapping.

These can range from excitement, celebratory, cheerful, obligatory, proud, reflective and content. (and probably others ones!)

But all of these sensations as we applaud is giving off different frequencies heard through a sound we personally produce.

And the sound we produce as a personal standpoint – to the world- is all frequency. All emotions, thoughts, actions . . . .

And most often, if ever – a round of applause is well – negative.

It is ?

No. .

Today during treatment I sat up and started beaming Reiki at my foot so I could get closer with my hands. I started peeling off things as if it was an Auric cleanse to the bottom of my foot.

When I came out, I asked, “Hey, does my wound look more red?” And nurse Brittany said, “YEAH! It got more red after you were doing that hand thing. I was watching it!” And nearly seemed intrigued? Was the right word?

But it makes sense, Reiki is healing energy and as I heal my wound becomes pinker around and the scab becomes deeper.


After graduating Hyperbaric I asked to get a photo in front of the tank and decided to show off my Reiki hands.

After 31 hyperbaric treatments, I was graduated on to wound care only. The feeling of no more treatments felt SO good!

You guys, these treatments, you are not allowed to wear makeup, lotions, deodorants, dye your hair, nail polish . . . The whole list can go on. Not only was I excited to be able to put on deodorant I was so excited that my healing, after 6 weeks has come a long way.

As of November 30th, I took my first shower since October 13th. It was step for me that I was ready for yet so scared. Little did I know that the moment of taking a shower would be so emotional.

After 4 long months of healing, I was finally able to put a stone in the glass jar to show I was another healing patient at the center.

February 3rd 2020 was the day. It was the day I graduated from wound care and no longer had to go. The doc let me put in a stone in the vase to show I was a healed patient. This was an emotional moment for me. I hugged the doctor, all the nurses and even wrote the original doctor Godfrey a letter and had it ready. I had a feeling that it was going to be my last day so I prepped a letter, just in case.

I asked my boyfriend Brandon to take a video of e putting on my first shoe since October 14th 2019. We cheered and hugged as I cried and I took my first walk around the block. Terrified and excited I walked around that block taking nearly 30-40 minutes. I did it! I did It, I thought.

This injury not only taught me life lessons about healing from the inside out, it also showed me that as we truly heal from the inside, things start to fall into place from the outside world.

The job that I have been unhappy working for allowing me to be free in the oddest way. For those who do not know, I was a state of Wisconsin employee at the DMV. Sure, I may have been the most upbeat one and positive, but for anyone reading this being a lightworker, this takes a toll on your soul. Everything you once loved becomes stiped away from you and soon you feel as if you are nothing, crying before you come into work hating your life.

Did I also do Reiki? Absolutely! Reiki and my side biz was like my double life after the DMV hours, it is what held me together through the hard times.

Regardless, my dreadful DMV life led me to Colorado, Leaving friends, and family. And don’t forget to mention.. During a pandemic. But I now get to practice Reiki and help save lives in a different way I was able to provide back home in Wisconsin.

Meeting with Ragani after her show

Oh! You are probably wondering about this Kirtan.. Well, right before I left Wisconsin Ragani had a concert in Milwaukee. I invited some friends and went on a double date with the Dan and Hannah, myself and Brandon. The kirtan festival was a place where I was able to let go and feel all the feels. Most importantly, I wanted to talk to Ragani after the show to tell her how inspirational her newest album was for my healing.

She is a heartwarming person to be around with great humor. I felt like I was waiting forever for this moment! Though, to her it may have just been nothing.. But to me it was everything. Her voice and chanted mantras was the healing force to the who environment of the tanks I was in.

The universe has a different plan for me at age 27 and I am so excited to see where it takes me next.


No matter the sound you listen to or what type of healing you are into, I find the most important part is understanding that healing must come from within. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or what you believe it is genetic that healing comes from the inside out for any trauma. The comfort zone of where we feel most safe is a beautiful place, but in order to grow we have to leave that comfort zone and the universe will provide us with something even more beautiful after we learn to feel comfortable while being uncomfortable. Always remember that even though not all the science is there behind the words I preach, there is a science within emotions felt and the music. Life is the melody to which you speak, and lives. First, you accept, then forgive, honor, and finally love.

My biggest support team, my family.


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