Discover Your Body's Hidden Power

For Unlocking Abundance, Self-Awareness, & Ultimate Control Over
The Most Essential Parts Of Your Life In Just 7 Days...

All You Need is One Week to Improve Your Mindfulness

  • You'll use an active approach
  • Identify areas where you can improve today
  • Develop a healthy daily ritual
  • Experience the benefits of habitual self-reflection

Focused on the chakra centers, this series skillfully lays out actionable steps one should take to overcome everyday emotional obstacles.

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I absolutely love this journal! It has just enough exercises so it doesn't feel overwhelming and plenty of space to write in. I would recommend it if you ever feel overwhelmed just staring at a blank page. The prompt journaling really helped me stay on track.


So cute and helpful!


Shipped so fast and incredibly aesthetically pleasing, excited to journal in get closer intune with myself!

Sami Geiger

Easy to understand and helps you connect


I am a little late in getting this out there, but I need to get this out and share how amazing this journal was. When I first ordered the book I was skeptical as to how this was going to be interactive. I thought how does she plan to guide me with a journal? Cassandra amazed me! This book is filled with great techniques and methods to be able to meditate and balance your crown chakra. Cassandra provided easy to follow guidance and has the days broken down for you. Before this book meditation could feel overwhelming. I didn’t know where or what I should be focusing on. Cassandra makes it less stressful and showed me that not everything needs all my focus every day. She explains everything marvelously and provides QR codes to help you get involved even more. This journal’s energy is all positive and will leave you feeling more connected to the universe at the end of day 7. Do not sleep on these!


I've had so many aha moments


I have taken several classes and meditations with Cassandra. She’s very knowledgeable and makes each experience fun. Cassandra’s so upbeat and listens with her heart. Her chakra classes with her books are an incredible way to change your emotional self. The interactive books she uses really get you to the Nitty Gritty of the emotions. I’ve had so many aha moments in her classes. The warmth and comfort, plus laughter Cassandra gives you in the experience is epic.

Joan Sniedze

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