The Best 3 Techniques You Need to Know For How to Heal Your Sacral Chakra


The chakra system is this vast, complex system that has a direct connection to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Understanding the functions and connection each individual chakra can help you respond to life with awareness rather than being unconsciously reactive.

You can think of the chakras as seven energy vortex's inside the body that start at the base of your spine and go all the way up to the top of your head hovering above your head. And indivisibly, each chakra plays a role in understanding your relationships, strengths, and weaknesses as well as enhances your sense of who and what you are within this world you navigate every day. 

In this article, we are going to go over the second chakra located at T9-L4 on the spine, and how to heal your sacral chakra with natural natural remedies you can do from anywhere in the world.

What is the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, known as the second energy center within the body plays a pivotal role within your energetic system. It is the core vyana prana that is responsible for your circulation. It is located about three inches below your naval aligning with the center of your belly button. And when you are looking for the location of the sacral on the back of the body, it is found at the level of the lumbar vertebrae.

In other teachings and traditions, your sacral expands to the genital area. For women, this includes the ovaries and the testicles for men. It just depends on what traditions and teachings you follow.

You can think of the sacral chakra as an instrument in facilitating key life processes such as release, adaptation to change, and  transformation. It acts as a gateway to various aspects of your entire being, creativity, intuition, and sexual pleasure.

What is the Sacral Chakra Responsible For

The sacral chakra is the center of sexuality and sensuality. The core lesson of the sacral is to experience intimacy with another with a sense of self-respect and to express creative imagination no matter the form so you can creatively deal with life places in your direction with a healthy response. 

What Causes Sacral Chakra Imbalances

Sacral chakra imbalances come from different types of environmental factors based on what you are exposed to and deal with on a day to day basis. And just like how the sacral chakra is a water element, trust me when I say it can fluctuate quickly if you haven't figured ways to connect and harness strength here.

 Just keep in mind, like any other chakra, this center can be overactive (too much) or underactive (too little). As you go through this list and something sticks out to you, ask yourself if it is too little or too much of something to do a self assessment.

Emotional and Mental Signs of Sacral Chakra Imbalance 

  • Mood swings
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Intense display or need of affection
  • Sensory desires or uncontrollable sexual urges 
  • Fear of pleasure
  • Fatigue
  • Detachment
  • Low libido
  • Depression

Physical Symptoms of Sacral Chakra Imbalance

  • Bladder issues 
  • Kidney and Spleen problems
  • Reproductive organ disruptions (genital's)
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Hip issues
  • Anemia
  • Joint problems
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Sinusitis

How to Balance the Sacral Chakra

Ultimately, we want to get you back into your body, rooted with fluidity so you can free move and pivot through any emotional aspect you are experiencing with grace. This can be tricky because there are so many different layers about this chakra that you can dive into. 

To keep it simple, we are going to start with the utmost basics I consider should be in everyone's toolbox.


As a daily journal-er, I am going to recommend you the easiest thing to start with while tapping in and tuning into your emotions. Which is journaling! Now, journaling can come in a different forms from physically writing, or if you don't like that, you can simply type of text it in a safe, protected document.

Though, there is nothing better than getting your thoughts from the mind to the paper through your own extension of the heart (your arm) to that physical touch of paper. It enhances your senses, so you can literally get sensual with your writing by allowing yourself to get intimate with how you are feeling knowing there is no judgment. Whether this is a free flow brain dump to guided journal prompts.

When it comes to the sacral chakra, understanding what it means to be empathic, how to discover tantra and the foundation of self-nurture are key elements to balancing your inner power of the sacral. But first understanding the difference between sensuality and sexuality is an essential step for the mind, body, and spirit.

Sacral Chakra Guided Journal Prompt

Whether you are a seasoned journal-er or new to journaling, guided journal prompts are for everyone for personal growth.

Materials needed:

  • Your favorite journal or paper
  • Pen
  • Space to yourself without anyone around or where you won't be bothered

Guided journal prompts to help heal your your sacral chakra

  1. What is your definition of intimacy? Do you have fears or blockages that you can identify that is keeping you away from cultivating a more deep or trusting connecting with others?
  2. What is your relationship with the color orange? What does orange symbolize to you? In what ways can you embrace this color to support opening or balancing your sacral chakra?
  3. Brain dump a time you recently felt overwhelmed. What coping mechanisms did you use? In what ways can you improve your emotional resiliency?
  4. How do you navigate change in your life? Do you have fear or resistance thinking about change or personal transformation in your life? In what ways can you become more fluid in making 1 small change today about change and transformation progress in your life right now.
  5. How do you maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity in your life? In what ways can you spark exploration, again to help keep yourself relevant. TIP: Consider what you did as a child that you loved. This can be between foods, play, hobbies, passions, sports, etc.

Self Nurture

When you learn how to heal your sacral chakra, it involves caring for, fueling with energy, love, and touch. You can think of nurturing yourself like watering a plant that is super thirsty and you simply respond to a natural flow of taking care of that plant with water. Giving that plant the basic necessities to fuel itself up an grow to being healthy, resilient and in tune with itself so it can survive the environment it was placed into to survive.

Self Nurturing Ideas

  • Go for a walk, really walking with heal to toe against the surface. (or if you can, barefoot!)
  • Take a bubbly bubble bath and smile and laugh about it finding pleasure
  • Write yourself a love letter and mail it
  • Play your favorite music and dance like it's nobody's business. Groove!
  • Relax with a good book
  • Stop and smell the flowers
  • Watch the sunset or sunrise
  • Prepare a home cooked meal being meditative about it, getting lost in the moments with each cut and ingredient
  • Go for a scenic drive or nature hike
  • Visit a place that has been on your list or in your mind that you haven't been or want to visit.
  • Meditate
  • Go to bed early or at least get enough sleep for the next day
  • Stretch, Exercise, or do yoga
  • Spend time with a pet
  • Revisit a hobby or learn a new hobby

Determine if An Emotion or Feeling is Yours or Some one Else's 

Most people are empathic to some degree. But the thing is, when there is not a balanced sacral chakra, you can be too much of something or not enough in your emotional intelligence. And when you are out of balance it can be easy for you to pick up other people's emotional states whether consciously or unconsciously. 

And if I am being completely honest, this is normal and I would say 98% of clients I work with (even myself!) can get caught with picking up some one else's day. 

How to Determine if an Emotion or Feeling Belongs to You

This technique can be used anytime of day, anywhere, in multiple ways. So, allow yourself to get creative.

  1. When recognizing you are feeling overly emotional, frozen, depressed, or strange in some way first take a deep breath in through your nose and fully exhale out your nose. Then, ask yourself: Does this feeling belong to me?
  2. Listen. If you don't hear anything, ask again. Though, typically you will hear a quiet answer deep from within with a simple "yes" or "no". 
  3. Be honest with what you hear.
  4. If you heard "yes": Ask yourself how you can release this sensation or feeling through journaling or talking to yourself out loud or in your mind.
  5. If you heard "no" perform the Return to Sender technique below

Return to Sender

If you honest, intuitive answer was "no," then this technique may be for you. Either it, if something does not belong to you it is important to release it because it does not serve you or your highest good.

  1. Ask yourself where you think this emotional state or sensation that does not belong to you lays in your body. If you are not sure skip to step 
  2. After you determine Swipe where you feel the sensation saying "return to sender". This statement is with the utmost intention to send and return to where energy is created and recycled for its highest good versus sending it back to the person it came from. You can always change the words to something else that resonates with you because when it comes to energy, its all about your comfort level. Perform this until you feel satisfied or until your body feels better.
  3. If you are unsure where the sensation or emotion is sitting in the body
    1. Sit down on a chair with your fleet flat on the ground
    2. Swipe and rub your legs to grab hold of what is not serving you and throw it down to earth and say, "Return to sender." This energy is then recycled back into the earth.

Distant Reiki for the Sacral Chakra

Final Thoughts

The sacral chakra is one of those areas that can be tricky, but ultimately one of those spots where you want to keep in check to harness the innermost creative energies for experiencing deep transformation. Because by maintaining a balanced center, you open yourself up to a world of vast possibilities while embracing life changes with flexibility and grace. Keeping in mind that there is not a one size fits all answer on how to heal your sacral chakra, but various tools out there you can use while exploring what works for you and your daily routine.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Cassandra, but feel free to call me Cass. I consider myself lucky because I got to marry my best friend, I love cats, and journal every day. I am here to talk about all my favorite niches that I eat, live and breathe, passionately about between Reiki, Chakras, Meditation, Breathwork and Aromatherapy. Not to mention, I am certified in all categories and working with clients since 2012. I discovered the value of showing up for myself in some way every single day and these methods and information shouldn't be kept a secret anymore. I am ready to share this wealth of knowledge in the Aquarian age we live in today. The time is now to become the first rate version of YOU. Let's get you there together 💖


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  • You have written such a lovely article on the The Chakra Basics – Healing your Sacral Chakra. I come from the land of chakras and i can tell you that your research is wonderful.

    Understanding the basic elements of the chakras can enhance our mood, free our mind, and allow us to become closer to the first-rate version of ourself through subtle body energy. A Knowledge of chakras is essential to healthy living.

    Great post.


    • Hi Aparna! 

      I ADORE that you said you come from the land of Chakras! There are so many fascinating different histories about them. 

      As I write, I do follow along with the Hindu teaching that the subtle body energies are located within the spinal cord housed in the Brahma Nadi. However, there is another teaching of Hindu where the chakras are connected with the gross plexus instead of the Brahma Nadi outside of the spine. Though, no matter where they are located or how many, I believe in all teachings the chakras vibrate inside the body radiating from the skin. As this information vibrates, it pulls information from outside the body to transform it for interpretation. Which then, in return, creates a “mini-universe” around you.

      I would love to stay connected and learn your story with the chakras because you are right! Understanding the basic elements can enhance our mood, free our minds, and essential for healthy living. Please, feel free to reach out to any information about your personal experience and history.

      I am looking forward to connecting! 

      All the best,



    • Hi there!
      I appreciate you coming across my article for a fun self-discovery! Just like building a relationship, or anything really, I feel it is essential to know the foundation. Learning and expanding is what life is alllll about 🙂
      Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
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