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  • LIVE Monthly Classes on Patreon: Connecting to Your Divine Progression

LIVE Monthly Classes on Patreon: Connecting to Your Divine Progression


Are you ready to unlock your hidden energy and reconnect with the universe?

By joining our First Level Patreon Tier, you can learn the fundamentals of traditional Hindu Chakra flows and their effect on your overall energy levels—allowing for a more balanced lifestyle.

Exclusive access also includes (1) LIVE 75-Minute monthly group classes that explores different themes each month enhanced by distant Reiki treatments, Guided meditation, Breathing Exercises, and Kundalini Yoga techniques.

On top of that, Cass will share her deepest channeled messages from personal meditations, so you can connect deeper with yourself through reflection, journal prompts, and learning tricks of the trade to protect and enhance your personal energy field to make your aura shine bright.

So come join us now on the journey toward unlocking your body’s Natural Energy, today!

What’s included

  • (1) 75-Minute monthly LIVE Personalized and Themed Group Distant Reiki and Guided Meditation Class
  • Access Class Replays and Archives
  • Discover the Fundamentals of Traditional Hindu Chakra System
  • Entry to Reiki Squared Platform on Universalhealings.center
  • Learn Ancient Kundalini Yogic Technique teachings for healthy body movement and empowerment
  • Unlock Your Body’s Natural Energy For Positive Change and Success with Tips and Tricks about Energy, Meditation, Yoga, and Every day Life hacks
  • Receive exclusive insights from Cassandra’s personal meditations

LIVE Class Schedule on Patreon