July 24

Oath to Self- Identifying Your Core Values


So, you decided to take the spiritual acknowledgment of discovering yourself. Well, guess what! You’re in luck because this is a safe place for you to learn and grow while expanding your knowledge and awareness.

Now is the time to pledge an oath to yourself.

Why Pledge an Oath to Yourself

Why pledge an oath to yourself, you ask? Because you owe it to yourself. For every encounter, interaction and movement that you do it is always effecting not only those around you, but yourself.

Take a moment and think of your outer world. Your outer world is what is created by your inner world. And if your outer world is in a position where it feels off balance, that’s because a part of your inner world needs attention. Recognizing ques and clues from your body is an important step to your future success.

What is an Oath

An oath can be viewed a few different ways – whether through legal binding like a business or as simple personal statements. For these purposes, you will be taking the concept of both combining into one. The goal here is to ensure you testify truthfully to yourself by making a strong promise to hold your values or an appeal to your higher power.

What are Core Values

If you noticed, I used the word- Values. If you are reading this unsure of what exactly your core values are, it’s okay. Most of us may feel unsure about our values or what is important to us because instead, we focus on what our society, culture and media values are. Or we focus our attention to what others need instead of what is happening internally.

How to Identify Your Core Values

Realize, that within this process of deciding what your core values are can be difficult. Knowing and accepting what you value takes effort.

Steps to Follow to Identify Your Core Values

I encourage you to take out a pen and paper and before you begin, take a deep breath to help clear the mind, that conscious. Getting into the right mental and physical mind set is the first step. Continue taking deep breaths and letting it sigh out your mouth releasing everything pent up.

  1. Consider a meaningful moment – a peak experience that stands out. What was happening to you? What was going on? What values were you honoring at that time?
  2. Go the opposite direction; consider a time when you got angry, upset or hurt. What was going on? what were you feeling? What values do you have that is being suppressed?
  3. Consider what is most important in your life. Beyond your basic human needs, what must you have in your life to feel and experience fulfillment

Examples of Basic Needs


Basic needs may include but not limited to:

Creative self-expression, strong level of health and vitality, a sense of excitement and adventure, surrounded by beauty or even always learning.

What are the personal values you must honor or either a part of you will wither away?

4. Go back to step 2, and consider all the personal values you have written out. There could 10, 20, 50! Sky is the limit. And no matter how many you have, start to chunk these personal values into related groups.

For example: Values like accountability, responsibility and timeliness are all related.

5. Highlight a theme of each value group. So, if you have written down under one group: honesty, transparency, integrity, candor, directness, and truth – You will select the word that best describes the theme of that list.

A theme for these values listed above could be: Integrity.

6. Now comes the hardest part. After completing the theme for your values you may or may not have a sizable list of values. You next want to narrow down that list, and while in that process consider:

  •  What values are essential to your life?
  •  What values represent your primary way of being?
  • What values are essential to support your inner self?

As a unique induvial, you possess certain strengths and weaknesses making your values what matter most to you.

How many core values you come up with is up to you. Too few, you may be limiting the capture of all unique dimensions of your being. Too many you may forget and won’t take advantage of them. While the number of core values is different for each person, the magic number in ranges seems to be 5-10 ranking them in order of importance.

The hard part could be ranking them in order, and that is okay! It is encouraged to take your time, sleep on it and revisit the ranking the next day to see how it sits with you. Then, go through the process, again.

Creating Your Oath

Wow, great work! Now, that you have you core values defined you can firmly create a pledge of oath for yourself.

You are welcome to use this sentence as is with filling in the blanks, or you can use the concept and spark ideas:

I now choose to stand firm in my core beliefs knowing that ___________ is most important to me, and _____, _______, _______, ________ , lead me to my primary way of being and are essential to support my inner self.

Final Thoughts

I invite you to write this oath out as many times as you wish. Keep it in a safe place, plaster it to an area you see every day, or even leave it under your pillow. Which ever, way you choose, just be sure that where you put it, is something that you can revisit and or look at either daily or when you feel you need an uplifter.

Need Some help with Creating Your Oath?

Book a Distant Reiki Session with me and as a part of the session, we'll go over what is most important to you and I'll personally help you craft the most meaningful promise to yourself that you'll actually keep.

Helping you creating an oath to yourself is only a small part of what a Distant Reiki session with me will include. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction from a fresh perspective to get back on track.


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