The Chakra Basics- Healing Your Solar Plexus Chakra


A Brief Overview of the Chakras

The Chakras are inside of you! You can think of them as the seven leading energy portals in the body that are constantly spinning. When learning the chakra basics, it is essential to understand that each chakra has a specialty about them. Once learned, you can identify each one by simple observations and sensations. All the chakras must be energized and functioning efficiently for all-round well-being on all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual.

Chakra categories includes:Chakra Categories by Universal Healings

Different frequencies, different colors, relationships with various emotional and spiritual issues, connections to different endocrine glands and nerve plexus, different ages in which they develop, different governing elements, different gems, oils, and activities to help balance them.

All the chakras must be energized and functioning efficiently for all-round well-being on all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual.


Why is Knowing the Chakras Important For My Health

It is essential to understand the chakra system because it has a direct connection to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Understanding the functions can help you respond to life with awareness rather than being unconsciously reactive.

The chakras act as a step-down transformer converting subtle energy – prana, chi, Reiki, or any universal energy to be used by the hormonal, nervous, and cellular systems of our physical body.

The food and air you breathe are the fuel for your molecular building blocks in the body to thrive.

Each chakra plays a vital role in understanding your relationships, strengths, and weaknesses. Meanwhile, each chakra also involves our sense of who and what you are in the world.

What is the Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is found above the navel and below the chest. You can think of this chakra as the furnace of your personal power and home to authenticity and sense of self.

The solar plexus chakra’s soul issue is to identify and develop self-worth, self-empowerment, and purpose for yourself. So, by focusing on these three attributes, it can help explore your meaning and purpose of life.

Universal Healings Solar Plexus

What Causes Solar Plexus  Chakra Imbalances

Solar Plexus chakra imbalances come from different types of environmental factors. Depending on what you are exposed to or engaged in your day to day activity, everyone’s emotional state in the solar plexus chakra can vary. However, there are general feels that are observed as an imbalance or possibly overactive.

Solar Plexus Imbalance Include:

Self-centeredness, no sense of identity, powerless, need to control, need to take care of others, Taking in more than one can assimilate and utilize, too much emphasis on power and recognition, anger fear, hate, digestive problems.

Natural Remedies for the Solar Plexus Chakra

When it comes to the solar plexus chakra, understanding that this is the power chakra that is the furnace of your personal power, home to your authenticity, sense of self and will power.

Will Power

We all experience unpleasant events at various levels of our lives. Through the solar plexus, you may feel victimized and powerless. Feeling this powerlessness and pain is an essential step as it puts you in touch with your needs and becomes the fuel for a will.

Your will is the combination of the mind, action, and the conscious direction of desire. It is in constant change and the means of how you create your future. Your personal power from the solar plexus is impossible without making will a primary key for balance.

Though, a healthy solar plexus means that you work on and stop seeing yourself as a victim and begin to know that you are the sole creator of your reality. And start to realize that you can take on each challenge you face as an opportunity to awaken your highest potential and all your desires.

Think about this:

You cannot control what happens, you can, however, control the way you react to our emotions.

Your will is most effective when you are intelligent and strategic. Will keeps you from wasting your energy by trying to do things through force alone.

The first step in developing your will is:

  1. Determine that you HAVE a will
  2. Understand that your will is functioning all the time.

Look around you- what have you created in your personal will – the clothing you are wearing, the home you live in, the friends you keepwill power with universal healings

Will Power Activity:

How to determine if you are exercising your will over to another 

(Grab your journal!)

Think of the last time someone asked you to do something when you did the activity but really would rather have no done that task.

Grab your journal and favorite pen to reflect on how you were in the most present moment in time and determine these questions:

    • Am I doing this to please?
    • Am I scared of consequences?
    • Are we out of touch with ourselves?
    • How can we address these issues?
    • Once you determine where your will is, it is easy to decide on who your will is serving.
    • Is it a service of being liked?
    • Looking good? Keeping peace?
    • Avoiding responsibility?
    • Am I remaining invisible?
    • Is looking good betraying your exact needs?
    • Is keeping peace perpetuating unfavorable circumstances that might need to be confronted?
    • Are pleasing others lowering my self-esteem?

When you are completed, review your answers and see where you can add in a little change for the future.

You must empower yourself to choose where your will is and who it is serving. Empowering yourself is vital because true will requires in-depth communication with the self, and to allow in trust, and willingness to take risks and accept responsibility for those risks.

When you go against the grain of your true will, you then risk abandonment, ridicule, and criticism, and it is scary! – especially if it involves family. But the good news is that you can strengthen your will just like others do with exercise. 

Self Esteem

Self-esteem is built on will, power, vitality, and self-discipline.

When your self-esteem is high, you are confident, assertive, proactive, disciplined, and feeling excited about life.

When self-esteem is low, you are filled with doubt, and blame allowing your identity to slip. When this happens, you lose your momentum and start to have stagnant inertia on the solar plexus and may even begin to feel paralyzed. Shame may take over collapsing the middle section of the body, depriving it of energy.

Self-esteem forms the foundation of opening your next chakra up, the heart chakra, and helps maintain successful relationships.

Self Esteem Activity

Check-in with your self-esteem.

Created for you is an interactive self-esteem checklist. You can download, print or screen shot this to make it easier to write on.

In the boxes after each statement, rate yourself from 0-10 for how much belief each statement is true to you. 0 will mean you do not believe this at all, and ten will be you 100% believe this to be true.Universal Healings Self Esteem Checklist

After you rate yourself, total up the numbers on where you are with yourself self-esteem. After completing this activity, journal about what patterns you see in your numbers.

Reflect on why your numbers are the way they are. What can you do to change this? For example, if you do not respect yourself, what action can you do to help boost your self-respect?


Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Knowledge is power”?. Because this phrase, when talking about chakra health, that phrase is accurate on ALL the levels!

When it comes to the solar plexus, knowledge is the power to understand what feeling powerless means. When you feel powerless, it means you are feeling without power, strength, or ability. Powerlessness is said to be the result of ignorance about how you react to something productive or compelling. This type of reaction could be a lack of awareness. Though, with increased awareness, the more you feel and grow, the more your personal power grows.

Powerless Activity Suggestions


To manifest power, you must have your personal attention in the here and now. By grounding, it has you feeling present and focuses your energy. Even though you are working on your solar plexus chakra, you will never overcome the need for the simple practice of grounding. Grounding is vital from day to day activities.

Avoid Invalidation

Often when you start something new or something that you are uncertain about, invalidation can be an instant power crippler- stopping you dead in your tracks. criticism is easy to receive from those who do not understand your situation. Changing your environment to one that supports and uplifts you will help you stay focused on your goals or task at hand.

sadness with universal healingsBreaking Attachtments

The more you release, the less friction there is on your energy. Meaning, the more you let go of things that no longer serve a purpose to your highest good, the lighter you become. Once you detach from a person, situation, environment or activity, or habit that no longer serves you, these sensations can be exhilarating.

Breaking attachments is one of those activities that sound easier than it is because detaching from a toxic environment can be hard. Though, staying true to who you are and determining your “WHY” and WHY you are you doing this – is going to be your motivating factor.

Breaking Inertia- Change!

Change up your routine! Do something different. Because if you are feeling sluggish, get moving. Though, if you are hyperactive, be still. Break boring and any repetitive patterns and choose a new challenge. When you overcome difficulties, this helps increase your strength and confidence. Remember, power is seldomly developed by clinging to security. When you give up being safe and your power, your sacral chakra awakens real quick.

LoveUniversal Healings self love

Love is the unifying force that binds us all together. You and everyone else were all born in the name of love. Love inspires you and gives you the strength to keep going. Love is exhilarating and energizes and purifies you! Most important, through love, it strengthens self-esteem and inspires the will.




Do not take things too seriously. I know this can be hard, but when  you do, you lose touch with your power. Laugh through hard times because it gives control of that situation.

Release Anger/Sadness

When you release blocked anger safely and effectively, it can help unblock the Solar Plexus Chakra. Blocked power is blocked anger. Anger is just a bodyguard for being hurt. Use grounding techniques to help you release anger OR go out into a space where it is just you and you will not be disturbed, turn off the phone, go into the field, and scream. Scream until you feel something energetic arise from the stomach rising through the throat and start grabbing the energetic “muck” coming and help pull it from your body until you feel ready or a sense of calm wash over you.

How Can Meditation Help Me

When meditation occurs, it leaves more room for you to operate and record new information. Also, meditation allows other chakras to open your awareness even wider without getting overwhelmed.

By meditating it allows you to think more clearly, enhance your mood, and have better physical coordination. Through meditation, you can tune out the outside world and cultivate awareness of your inner world.

People who use meditation are known to experience improved academic performance. It also has been found to increase in job production, have a decrease in drug use (both in recreational and prescription), and have faster reaction times.

It is hard to deny that mediation has great rewards.

Mediation is a state of mind, not an effort. Once this state is achieved a few times, it begins to self-create rhythms and have its effect on the world around you. Once it becomes a part of you, it then affects you in healthy ways through sleep and other activities.

Check out this video to practice meditation and boost your solar plexus. Don’t forget your headphones!

Final Thoughts

Everything in and around you is energy! And when something from the outer world affects you on a subtle level, you may experience a plethora of sensations. These feelings may vary from sensations of being sick, uncomfortable, or you may start to have specific pains in areas that you usually would not. Though, sometimes you could also experience pains and aches every day that they never think much about. For example, you may experience pain in your left shoulder but rarely think of this pain because it is always present. Understanding the basic elements of the chakras can enhance your mood, free your mind, and allow you to become closer to the first-rate version of yourself through subtle body energy.





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  • Oh wow! I wasn’t aware that chakras had something to do with one’s endocrine system. As you mentioned, the solar plexus chakra has an important part in our self-development and self-worthness, but how can we be able to determine how our chakras are developing themselves when we can’t connect with the specific aspect of what they’re supposed to be working with. For example, self-worth, how can one be able to feel that sensation?

    • Hi Stephanie!

      I love this question! One… Because it makes me think. Haha! 

      There is a self-worth theory that states self-worth is determined mostly by our self-evaluated abilities and performance in one or more activities that we deem valuable. 

      It sounds so silly, but I wish I could honestly say that me telling someone that being a person and being alive is enough for self-worth, but at the end of the day only you know what is true to you. And no matter who you are, you must genuinely FEEL something inside you to believe it to be true. To add it to your story.

      You decide what a life is. You decide what is worth remembering; you determine what you are going to do to earn and truly feel that feeling.

      Because again, at the end of the day, what matters is how you feel about yourself when you are by yourself.

      There are clues that people can tune into from day to day actions that can help determine is a low self-worth. These can include :

      Continually wanting to please others, allowing others to treat you poorly, or have negative self-talk. Thinking you do not deserve much and neglect your own needs. Someone may feel lethargic or even stop striving for their dreams and goals. Someone may also measure their self-worth by outside influences.

      No matter what the external, self-worth is a hard sensation to describe. What it feels like to me may be entirely different for you or to your best friend. Though, what I can advise is that the feeling will feel like a home sensation within. Everyone’s home is different, and that is what beautiful in this.

      Feel free to reach out with any additional questions. I would love to hear about your journey and your success!

      All the best,


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