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What is an Ionic Footbath- The Benefits


The Science Behind Ionic Footbath

The technology of the Ionic Detoxification system has been in development for several decades. The induction of alternating positive and negative ions charges during the same treatment is based on a process called Iontophoresis. In which, the FDA approved as a healing modality in 1970.

A French Physician named Dr Bernard Raymond Fabre-Palaprat successfully demonstrated that potassium ioide introduced into the skin via a negative battery terminal on one arm would travel to another area of the body attracted by a positive pole.

With this new discovery, it opened up a whole range of possibilities in using electrical currents to stimulate, transfer, and administrate fluids and specific compounds inside the body.

In 2003, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to American scientist: Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon for their discovery to help facilitate the remaining research needed to complete the theory of Ionic cleanses. Together, they discovered an ion channel system within cell membranes that generate an electrical signal to allow certain nutrients and fluids to pass through the membrane.

This channel system maintains the balance of the bioelectrical distribution of nutrients and waste products in and out of the cell. All of the symptoms of aging and degenerative diseases are in one way or another associated with poor hydration within the cell. This diminishes the cell’s ability to repair itself and eliminates toxic waste.

It is said that when cells dehydrate, they bunch up fusing their membranes together and eliminating important surface areas for these ion channels to work. Overtime, the body becomes more and more toxic unable to transfer vital nutrients needed for repair or cell replication.

What is an Ionic Footbath

The principal of the Ionic Detox system is to use micro current to facilitate the movement of transfer of ions in and out of cells and restore the balance of positive and negative charges of cells.

This is a painless, noninvasive micro current to open up the pathways to the vital ion channel. The boost (or energy) the body revives from the ion water module, allows the official detoxification to occur.

At the bottom of our feet, there are 4,000 large pores that the ions can enter. Then, the circulatory and lymphatic systems transport the ions throughout the body. These ions neutralize oppositely charged toxins in the cells that are normally slow to exit the body.

Benefits of Ionic Footbath

In this way, all the body’s organs, including the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin and immune system, can become energized and stimulated to function optimally. The body then rids itself of these toxins through its normal processes of urination, defecation and sweating.

When the body is able to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste, then inflammation, edema and swelling all decrease allow the body to repair itself and reduce pain within muscles and joints.

Just remember

It is important to focus on the feels and the effects that happen after the session and not just the colors that you see.





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