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Patreon Complimentary 30 Minute Distant Reiki

$45.00 30 minutes

Thanks so much for being a part of Patreon: Connecting to your Divine Progression!

During this scheduling process, please, note:

  • This session must be scheduled and on the calendar before October 31st or it will become obsolete**
  • Once you select your time, there is a button that appears “Check availability” Select that, then you can go to the cart to complete the process of scheduling with a $0 fee ending with requesting an appointment 🙂
  • Your session will be conducted through the Zoom Platform; you have the choice to leave on your camera or only use voice chat
  • After your date and time are confirmed, you will receive an email with your personal distant reiki meeting room information for Zoom. This will happen with 24-72 hours after scheduling. I am in a different time zone, so depending where you are in the world, your daytime maybe my wee hours in the morning 😉
  • Buffer extra time after your session so you can fully immerse in the energy + if session time goes over.
  • It is encouraged to not have to work directly after your session/day of. I like to tell people schedule sessions when you know will have time to relax and chill the next day so you can truly listen to what your body needs and embrace the new nervous system reset.
  • Since our time is condensed, you are more than welcome to email me any inquiries you have before the session/anything you would like me to know before your session begins IE: What you are working on, goals, themes, where you feel “stuck”, etc.  This will help give me an idea of where I can help and aid energy to. Go at your pace of trust.

Before Your Session Begins:

Things to Know After Your Session:

  • After your session, I may provide your feedback on any additional general advice, meditations or chakra balancing tips or energy enhancers to help you along your journey.
  • Unlike the longer sessions I offer, this short session will not have any follow-ups or recordings available unless specifically requested. So, just let me know and I will accommodate 🙂

For More Information About Reiki, Please Check Out My Article Here 🙂

A Little About Me (Cass):

I am trained in Usui Royoho, Medical, and Kundalini Reiki/Yoga, and Access Consciousness using a combination of all techniques while performing my sessions. I am a certified Aromatherapist and specialize in the Traditional Hindu Chakra System. The Traditional Hindu Chakra System suggests that the chakras are considered the subtle energy bodies located within the spinal cord housed in the Brahma Nadi * I Integrate all of my energy work techniques and Aromatherapy specialty to allow people to ignite their inner flame with a release of serotonin while balancing out the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous systems. I’ve been practicing for over a decade (11 years) and continue to do the internal work I recommend all clients to continue their growth, and not compartmentalize one type of healing as the “one and done deal”. It takes effort, experimenting, and getting a chance to know who you are to recognize what works and what doesn’t. This is why we are here today as I offer this complimentary session to you with love and gratitude.